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No more flat feet and back pain!

This is the experience of a doctor specialized in cardiology and the benefits she received using our postural bench.

Her words are as follows:

“I have been using your bench with great joy for a month now and since the social distancing measures have become lighter, I have been taking long walks again. Despite the sedentary work (cardiologist) and the non-opening of the gym, using the bench for the first time I no longer have the problems I had with my flat foot, because the bench realigns the lumbosacral column by correcting the hypercompensatory lordosis that is created with the wrong weight bearing on the flat plantar arch. As a consequence my foot is less flat, I don’t pull the tendon of the back tibial anymore, my heel is not inflamed anymore, my back doesn’t hurt anymore (I am “only” 39 years old) and I don’t get stuck in old woman positions.
So thank you again for your work!”

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