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Wooden postural bench standard on ground Inter Juve Milan


New postural bench INTER, JUVENTUS, MILAN.
You can also customise your Postural Bench with the colours of your favourite team, your logo or your pictures. Contact us via Whatsapp or e-mail. We will be happy to satisfy your requests.
The Postural Bench is supplied with a cervical pillow and leg-locking band.

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Wooden postural bench standard on ground with the colours of your favourite football team.
Cervical pillow and leg-locking band.

You can purchase the postural bench in the colours of your favourite team.
It is also possible to customise the bench with your logo or pictures. Contact us on Whatsapp or by e-mail.


The POSTURAL BENCH balances the posture with simplicity and in a very short time.
It restores freedom of movement and well-being to the whole body thanks to the global non-compensated stretching method.

The postural bench improves posture and physical condition by acting on stiffness and muscle tensions.
It can act indirectly in the following diseases: respiratory blocks, venous and lymphatic stasis, muscle hypotonia, myotensive headaches, hip arthrosis, cervical arthrosis or cervical pain, lumbar arthrosis, osteoarthritis of the knee, slipped disc, hiatal hernia, back pain or lower back pain, sciatica, pain in general, etc…

It stretches tense or retracted muscles through an asymmetrical and global work. Each time you use it, the body takes an immediately more correct position and attitude.
It is useful to those suffering from circulatory problems; to those who want to improve their breathing; to boys and girls to correct the bad attitudes coming from wrong postures on school desks; to professional athletes or sportsmen on Sundays, to restore balance after physical activity.
The right body posture and attitude improves performances and reduces the risk of injury. By decreasing muscular tension and pains, your body will be able to estabilish a sense of harmony, general well-being, the desire to move and to face life better.
Its use is also recommended as body relaxation against stress.
There are no age limits or contraindications in its use. 
It is recommended to be followed by a personal trainer.

The Postural Bench is supplied with a cervical pillow and leg-locking band. The color of the headband cushion is only indicative.

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 31 × 21 × 121 cm

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