PERFORMANCEBIKE is useful for training balance, reflexes and stability. It is equipped with ball and inflating gun.

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PerformanceBike is a proprioceptive wood and metal board useful for training balance, reflexes and stability.
Ideal for all sports where balance and body control require specific training.

The training consists in putting the ball under the board, the athlete stands on the board and with the help of the handlebars should be in balance.
To modify the degree of difficulty of the training, the inflation of the ball must be changed. The more the ball is inflated, the more difficult it is to train the balance.

The PerformanceBike comes with a board complete with handlebar, ball and inflating gun.



Platform: birch plywood with phenolic bonding 12 mm thick. The panel has a dark brown paint finish on both sides but with a smooth finish on one side (below) and knurled finish (above), guaranteed 5 years against flaking.
Handlebar: in aluminium treated with silver colour oxidation.
Pads: in light blue coloured rubber.
Ball: in rubber with seal up to 400kg against crushing with valve for inflating and deflating by Tonkey.
Gun: in hard plastic with metal needle to inflate and deflate the ball.
Knobs: made of soft coloured rubber.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 62 × 54 × 80 cm

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