La Posturale

La Posturale was founded in April 2018, is a young and very dynamic company always ready to research and meet the needs of customers quickly and economically.

The Beginning

The postural bench was born as a personal need.
After a break of about 18 years I feel again the desire to participate in a marathon. Between 1991 and 1998 I was a good athlete in this discipline.

Having this goal in mind I start to train again, aware that I have about 20kg more and also two cervical hernias and two lumbar.


I quickly start to get fit and also to lose weight. Unfortunately, however, the first physical discomforts are also beginning to arrive. At this point my trusted physiotherapist, knowing that I am also a carpenter, suggests that I make two inclined axes, whose function would have been to rebalance my posture.

This is how my experimentation began: I started by building a very rudimentary and aesthetically awkward tool, composed of two simple wooden planks and a mechanism for tilting them. I placed it next to the bed and every evening before going to bed I used it for about half an hour.


To my surprise in a short time I was able to run feeling much less my physical discomfort. Moreover, not only was I able to rest much better at night, but also when I woke up I felt a feeling of well-being.
In just six months, thanks to that still rudimentary tool, I was able to participate in two marathons and achieve optimal fitness.
At this point, with the collaboration of my physiotherapist, I began to study how to improve the bench, aware of the usefulness of this tool and convinced that it would need one in every family.
After many tests and dozens of models I came to produce the current one.

Economical and functional


My goal was to build a tool from strong and natural materials at a price that is accessible to all.  

I think I have come up with an excellent compromise between quality and price, thus obtaining a product that is suitable for everyone.

No compromise

Handmade Product

La Posturale was founded in April 2018, in the town of Coriano (Rimini) and then moved to San Marino in 2020.  It is a young and very dynamic company always ready to research and meet the needs of customers quickly and economically.

Scopri le panche posturali

Birch plywood


I use only the highest quality materials, such as birch plywood, which, in addition to being a good quality wood and also a wood considered hard.  I inserted a foam rubber mattress in order to make the use of the bench pleasant and comfortable while the colored coating is made with eco-leather.


Our customers' opinions are worth a thousand words!

The postural bench solved my flat-foot problems, correcting the overcompensatory lordosis created by the wrong support of the flat-foot ark. I really have to thank you for your work! read more


I took it in white. It also goes very well with the home decor. The whole family uses it, even my children.

Mia B.

The bench does its job very well. It looks strong and well built. It can handle my weight without any problems. Very useful for my neck and posture problems.


The product is strong and with an excellent aesthetic line. Shipping by courier caused an unexpected event, but the manufacturer promptly made up for it with the replacement of the product. Excellent product, especially functional.

Giulia D.


We put passion and love into the construction of our wooden postural benches.